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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  May 19, 2013 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> good morning. coming up next. but we now know about school winning ticket for the highest powerball jackpot in history. plus, trains collide. the latest on the investigation into the commuter train crash in connecticut. >> short run for the triple crown. i'm mark viviano at the preakness. the story of an unlikely winner when eyewitness news continues. >> taking a live look outside. if this cookie sundae ahead, so one of the one of the sun return? meteorologist tim williams has her answer in the first warning weather forecast. here's a live look, and here's sharon. >> hemline-15th annual bike
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rally. we will have more from the 15th annual bike. eyewitness news is seconds away. >> this is wjz-tv. baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland news station. >> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. temperatures in the 60s across the area. it's a bit wet, and we knew this day was coming. some of the rain is the light it's not even showing up on the radar. it means today. so far, a lot of moisture and air. visibility is not horrible problem, but definitely take it slow.
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as you can see, it's just a lot of scattered showers around, a lot of activity toward self. but it is just going to be a damp day. the showers were into tuesday evening. they will give us through the day. a better chance of pretty much thunderstorms tomorrow, but today is just misty. the forecast today going up to about 70 degrees, but it will be with the help of the sun. your complete first warning forecast coming up. >> thank you, but now here's the straight people are talking about. one lucky winner, and it's no one from maryland. a single ticket sold in florida has beaten all of the matching all six numbers to claim the highest powerball jackpot in history. lottery officials confirmed woman was sold at the supermarket in geoffrey hills, florida. the winner has been identified. lottery officials haven't said if anyone has come forward yet. the estimated jackpot is around
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$590 million. it would be a cool $375 million lump sum. here's a look at those winning numbers on my time. 10, 13, 14, 22, 52, and the powerball was when you by the way, the odds of winning, a slim one in 175 million. investigators in connecticut this morning inspecting the scene of a car or train crash. transportation workers are looking closely at a broken rail section of the rail to see if that's what caused wreck. more from wjz. >> reporter: investigators are searching for evidence that will them determine what caused to commuter trains to collide. the safety 40s and winds and low fractional grail and poring
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over and permission from the team train data recorders. >> our mission is to determine ways of preventing it again. >> turning the friday evening rush hour, several cars traveling from new york to new haven derails in collide with the second train coming from the opposite traction. about 700 people barometer trains. more than 70 injured. >> the damage is tapering. tons of metal tossed around. inside cars are shattered. >> once investigators finish collecting looking at the scene, cruise will remove the damaged train them on the tracks will need to be with. tracks are causing traffic problems. amtrak suspended service between new york in new haven. commuters are worried about monday morning. >> how am i going to be able to get to work? >> so far officials have not
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said how long it will take reopen the tracks this area. wjz eyewitness news. >> governor's morning commuters to take some time for cash it will take some time for the rail feel things and you should make other travel plans. in virginia and dozens of people hurt after a car drives to google group some of the injuries are serious. the crash happened after royalties festival in damascus about half hour east of bristol. police say an elderly man was behind the wheel when all of a sudden he somehow lost control of his car. police say he may have suffered a medical emergency just before the wreck. his identity has not yet been released, but these are saying he was participating in the parade. back in maryland, limo coaches fire along interstate 83 with several people on the side of the highway.
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baltimore county firefighters say the well wheel caught fire and flames were seen coming from the back of the limo. 138 preakness put baltimore epicenter of helpers freezing world. this morning mark viviano has more on the surprise finish in the big after party. >> reporter: good morning. orb came to both triple crown dreams, but in his preakness run, he's outdone by a team of hall of famers. 117,000 fans packed the racecourse providing the infield/and all the fun with concerts, concession, and cash. newly $82 million wagered. orb started on the far end end of it up to his expected speed.
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meanwhile, will go broke out in front and never looked back. >> i think there were so many people hoping. i feel if we had a lot of people behind us. i'm disappointed in that respect. >> it's an east wind that wins. kerry stevens came out of retirement and ends up the for the third time in his career. >> i'm not going to lie to you. when the closet at 50 years old after seven years retirement coming to get any better than this. this is super sweet. >> you have been asking me that all week. i never thought i left, but maybe i
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did. >> henpecked zombies in new york well oxbow expect to his home in kentucky, decision to be made as to whether he'll run the belmont stakes. back to you. >> the attendance was higher this year. more than 117,000 people are preakness. this fourth largest crowd in the race's history. >> the orioles looking to get a win against tampa bay after falling last night. billboards are up 4-0, but once we get the ninth, tides turn. a closer. tim johnson was his second consecutive days. kelly johnson rips are starting a six run inning for the race. birds go on to lose this one 10- 6. see that came out and 30:00 live right here on wjz-
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13. and later tonight, country music superstar tim mcgraw teams up with a few of his famous friends to kick off the summer. catch tim mcgraw's superstars overnight tomato 9:00 right here on wjz-13. >> it's going to be good. let's hope it won't be as high country so to sum up for the orioles did earlier today. >> my serious you are a great country singer. >> mcgraw can't wait. >> williams not the one. >> not so much. when you are going to there. i was going to try to find a way to country music my way into the forecast, but i couldn't do it. just know it's going to be a sad day. >> there we go. >> clouds over the city. >> i love it. >> that's correct what it's shaping up to be.
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it is a great, damp day. a lot of the rain we have out there right now, a lot of waste or is not even showing up on radar. you can see when i give the kind of day it is. it is that you missed. it's a day of clouds, and that's just kind of ring around. you will need your wipers, but you won't see the rain coming down. 61 degrees, temperatures 60. 96 percent. you spin off the ocean and the pay, depending on how far inland to our, is driven into the moisture moisture and cloud cover. 30.200 prom reading. the air is saturated out there, even though there's not a lot of actual rain. 54 right now in oakland, 59 cumberland, 61 elton, and i'm sure we have 61 in easton as well. a mild start to the day, and
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i'm going to see us warm up to 70. we expect a bit of a shift and -- shift into liberty. takes us well into the 80s. near 90 degrees by tuesday into wednesday. stalled front of the south. it's angled toward indian and the ohio valley listing across the region. it's all of this muster sitting on the front, and it's going to allow me and missed all the disturbance. instability sits with us along front. when it clears up, the temperatures go up and we see temperatures head into monday, tuesday, wednesday for the next chance of thunderstorms.
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winds up to 15 to 20 knots. 73 degrees today. for rain scattered off and on. low-cost service today. at that. 86 on tuesday. 87 wednesday. chance of thunderstorms on thursday, and cools down to 77 on friday. >> still to come. mourning a loss. the college campus in new york reeling from the death of his tube during a hostage situation. we will explain coming up. >> communities in texas still picking up the pieces after a series of tornadoes touched on. plus -- >> i'm sharon gibala live at patterson park. its 15th annual bike jam. bicyclists are out here despite the rain. some very brave participants. coming up, we will tell you what's going on here. >> but first, here's a look at yesterday's winning lottery
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>> welcome to eyewitness news. look at it. it's a gray mayday, so to speak. it's going to be this way all day long. not a lot of rain, but it will be misty and damp.
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the gate get up to .-period- full stop these today, but it won't. because of the sun. the winds will shift. vocational rain this morning and some fog go down to a level of just around 64. mostly cloudy with a shower or 2000. your five-day first warning forecast. >> no turning back some of the other top headlines. a home invasion in new york ends with a suspect in a six-day. police say a gunman forced its way into an off-campus house. when police responded, they fired at the suspects. one of those shots struck and killed one-year-old andrea rebello was being held hostage amounts. several assistance including the victims and sister were inside the home that time they they got away unharmed. now an internal university investigation is underway. a plane carrying 140 people close to moscow.
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investigators say the aircraft landing gear malfunction somehow caught fire on the like. minutes later passengers could be seen jumping off onto the wings and off the plane and shooting down and evacuations like. airline officials say no one was injured. meanwhile, an investigation continues this morning. >> cleanup continues in north texas this morning after 16 tornadoes tore through the area this week. many people lost everything. some need permits just searched through the rubble of their homes. the severe weather outbreak claimed six lives. in the meantime, the series of twisters brings up in flames. this was the scene in roselle, kansas restaurant teachers, three different twisters on camera. one of the tornadoes damage the home, but no injuries were reported in an instant. >> not much sunshine for writing look like today, but if you are a real enthusiast, any date is a good day to the pike cham.
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this takes 15 years of the largest cycling festival on the east coast. >> wjz is live at patterson park. that's probably chilly sharon gibala. pacing there in recent years where bikes have jumped over you and they have done stunts and all kinds of things. >> she's a real daredevil. >> i decided since it was wet, i wasn't going to be the participant laying on the ground this year. i know, i'm a little wimpy. somebody else was nice enough to volunteer. if you'd like to come out here, i'm sure that they would be happy to have you. this is a really funny. it's a great event not only if you are an avid cyclist, but if you are to spend as well or for kids. they have some fantastic training events for kids.
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we have the organizer of the event. good morning, dr. david sure. >> good morning. how are you? >> link right. it's gotten really bad. there's a lot going on here already, and it's only 8:00. >> yeah, what's going on and off a lot. we definitely by carefirst. it starts at 11:00. we just had a recreational ride with homes 400 writers take off. the other first race of the day going on now. we have got up roadways at 2:45 today. >> not to mention, jason's 25, the stunt rider behind us, doing some tricks. >> we can't stunt shows, my music. ibm starts at 11:00. it's in the rain doesn't dampen things at all. everything is still up and there's a lot of pull out your cash , going on here.
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>> a lot going on. will check back with you in about 20 minutes. sharon gibala from patterson park. >> still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. sunday morning. >> how this light is hoping ,,,, i'm tony siragusa
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and i've been around the toughest guys in football. and now i'm training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood. with man style protection... whoa... of new depend shields and guards. who are you? this is my house. perfect. come with me. built you a little man space under here. how 'bout that. sweet. see depend shields and guards are made to fit guys. that's awesome. i trained that guy now it's your turn. go online for my tips to help guard your manhood. >> temperatures in the low 70s today. on the long misty with passing
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showers. tomorrow 80 degrees. 86 and 87 on tuesday and wednesday. 82 and 87 with the chance of thunderstorms thursday. >> doctors are exposing the signs of domestic violence. too often the bruises-busy the victims skin making it hard for what happened. >> jessica cartel you shows the new way to detect abuse making it easier to put violent offenders behind bars. >> reporter: domestic abuse in baltimore city is high, and now the nurses here at mercy are using some incredible to allergy to put offenders behind bars. >> a new weapon against abusers. my daughter was screaming. >> shining a light on domestic violence. kicking me, pushing me down the steps, and he ripped my ear. he held me down and used his forearm across my throat. so final to me, you couldn't see anything. >> mary caldersn made it out of
8:24 am
an abusive relationship with her ex-husband lied. he beat her for years and even try to strangle her, like most of victims, the bruises on her neck or hard to see. >> my throat was sore and it was hard to swallow, but there was nothing visible to the naked eye. >> alternative light source like you've seen a crime shows to collect evidence cannot put domestic abusers behind bars, exposing injuries on the victims skin that many times can be seen. >> how beneficial with the abc11 eyewitness news victims? >> their body is a crime scene. it could be the difference between whether they're caught the first time or whether they end up killing someone. >> abusers sometimes walk when there are few signs of injuries on the victims. forensic nurses at mercy hospital discover that losing invisible to the naked i suddenly appeared.
8:25 am
98 percent of the time and a shiny alternative light source on the victims skin. >> how crucial is this to providing the evidence you need? >> we shine his light and all of a sudden you can see the lines, you can see the fingerprints. you can see the slap marks. you can see things that you never could have seen before. photos show what was revealed. a red mark from about turns into a detailed imprint under the like. >> all of a sudden we have evidence. >> photographic evidence admissible in court's. >> with the technology does is allows you to see it. and then it becomes a great piece of evidence. >> cases can be tough to prosecute, but photos like these make it easier for prosecutors to charge, convict, and put away abusers.
8:26 am
with or without the victims cooperation. >> it's not about whether she said something where he said something. it's just evidence. evidence could be the difference between whether kids have a mother, between whether a mother has her daughter, between whether you live or die. >> jessica cartel you, wjz eyewitness news. >> the use is getting international attention. >> thanks to the research, hospitals around the world are expanding their use. >> so much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, including -- >> one lucky winner, and it's not us. the latest on that single winning ticket for the record-breaking powerball jackpot. >> trains collide. latest on the commuter train crash in connecticut. plus -- >> two brothers allegedly part of a cigarette smuggling scheme,,,,,, ,,,,
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>> complete coverage continues with gigi barnett and meteorologist tim williams. it's wjz, maryland news station. >> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. >> thank you for joining us. we got past the preakness. it's today a bit messier than
8:30 am
yesterday. a little more rain out there. a little more drizzle and some fog. it's the kind of day you go out and it's not very cold. it's very mild, in fact. the dealing with a low fog of a period of will drizzle. otherwise very limited son and spotty showers throughout the day. as you see, there's not a lot of heavy rain in the region. much of this rain and drizzle is so light that it doesn't show up on the radar but it is out there and that's the missed you'll be dealing with. 61 degrees a roundabout way. 16 oakland, 54 in oakland. our day with showers off and on goes into the low 70s. 73 to 74. it's going to get better into the week. sticks another few days to do. your complete forecast coming up in a few moments. >> for now here's a look at the stories people are talking about.
8:31 am
one lucky winner, and it's no one here in our studio. a single ticket matches all six -- all six numbers for the highest powerball jackpot in history. lottery officials confirmed that this was sold in zephyrhills, florida. lottery officials haven't said if anyone has come forward. the estimated jackpot, $590 billion. >> federal investigators in connecticut this morning inspecting the scene of the commuter train crash. officials are looking closely at a broken section of rail to see if not caused the derailment. >> reporter: investigators are searching for evidence that will open determine what caused to commuter trains to collide in bridgeport, connecticut. the national transportation safety board is analyzing a fractured rail and poring over information from a data recorders.
8:32 am
>> our mission is to not understand what happened but why it happened. >> during the friday evening rush hour, several cars of the metro north train traveling from new york to new haven derailed and collided with a second train coming from the opposite direction. about 700 people were on the two trains. 70 were injured. >> the damage is absolutely staggering. tons of metal tossed around. inside of the cars are shattered. >> once investigators finish collecting looking at the scene, cruise will remove the damaged trains, the metrics will need to be. the blocked tracks are causing travel problems. this is a very busy commuter court on. amtrak suspended service to the new york in new haven. commuters are worried about monday morning. >> a look at to work? >> so far officials have not said how long it will take to reopen the tracks in this area. in bridgeport, connecticut, wjz eyewitness news. >> it could take time for the rail reopens information make other travel plans.
8:33 am
in virginia, 60 people injured after a car drives through a group of hikers. dr. say some of the injuries are serious. crash happened at the trail these festival and this is about half hour east of bristol. police in a man was behind the wheel of a car when all of a sudden he lost control and somehow slammed into the hikers. police say he may have suffered an adequate emergency just before the crash. his identity not yet released, but these humans participating in paris. just a few days after a cigarette smuggling ring, wjz has learned that brothers arrested are from ocean city. the brothers may have links terrorist groups. >> reporter: the brothers facing a number of charges including enterprise corruption. they were arrested in ocean city where they were living a simple an unsuspecting lifestyle. >> reporter: most possible best most profitable smuggling ring.
8:34 am
it's hard because of the continued hunt for terrorist. >> we discover that individuals on our radar were engaged in a massive raid on the new york state treasury. >> the alleged masterminds of it all, two of the 16 arrest with possible connection to the blind sheik now serving a life sentence for his role in the 1993 plot to carry out attacks in new york city. >> it's a pretty soon the brothers and 14 other suspects for a lucrative operation by large amounts of untaxed cigarettes, first in your wholesaler. authorities say an accomplice then drive thousands of miles to delaware and give them cash in exchange for the cigarettes.
8:35 am
>> cigarette smuggling can produce profits with relatively low risk. >> they made $55 million in old go -- in a legal spirit sales >> we are going to work around-the-clock to make sure there are no businesses in maryland associated with these two individuals. >> but wjz has learned he said to own several businesses in ocean city, including the pizza shops, gas station, and liquor store. >> we are following money and will work to track it down wherever it went. >> and the brothers will be extradited back to new york to face charges. wjz eyewitness news. >> police on $2 million in cash at the brothers home. they believe they deposited the rest of their ill equal earnings and small financial institutions in ocean city.
8:36 am
a gruesome slaying at the center of the police investigation in baltimore county. a man killed a woman on the would street road. police are not releasing his name until the church in. meanwhile, the victim is kathleen washington. investigators are awaiting autopsy results to see exactly how she died. you the preakness baltimore in the horseracing spotlight. sports director mark viviano has more on a surprise finish in the big party afterwards. >> reporter: kentucky derby winner orb came to baltimore with triple crown dreams, but in his preakness run, he is outdone by a team of hall of famer's. one under 17,000 fans packed of the race wars providing the infield
8:37 am
session ends on a live concert, concessions, and cash. nearly $82 million wager on the stars of the show. orb started on the far inside rail and never got up to his expected speed. meanwhile, oxbow broke out in front. ox who finished sixth in the kentucky derby is the best in baltimore. >> i think they were so many people hoping. i felt like we had a lot of people behind us. i'm disappointed in that respect. >> if the team that wins. it's the 50-year-old came out of retirement and ends up a preakness winner. >> to win at classic at 50 years old after seven years in retirement, it doesn't get any
8:38 am
better than this. this is super sweet. >> for the languages, his 14th win >> you guys have been asking me not only. i never thought i left, but maybe i did. >> he leaves baltimore disappointment headed back to his home base will oxbow had sent to his home in kentucky, a decision to be made whether he'll run the belmont stakes. the attendance at the preakness was high. the 117,000 people were there. that's the fourth largest crowd fourth largest crowd in the race's the orioles looking to get a win against the rays after falling to them last night. the pickup at the bottom of the first. the birds up 4-0. once we get to the ninth, the birds waiting 6-4.
8:39 am
it's kelly johnson left a homer. the going to lose this one. if you can see the action at 1:30 live right here on wjz 13. later tanning, country music stars tim mcgraw and friends team up for a few of their biggest hits. it's tim mcgraw's kickoff to summer nights. tonight at 9:00 right here on wjz-13. >> so from tim mcgraw summer nights to tim williams spring days. >> if you can call it that. what spring days. >> i guess that's what spring days are. >> showers and mist and drizzle all day long.
8:40 am
a lot of folks at least 117,000 of them probably don't want to come outside today anyway. >> they had to much fun yesterday. >> the weather held up a majority of the day. it was a washout. today is definitely what happened yesterday. right now looking 61 degrees with a great start to the day. once a pretty fun. the trees are moving much, but that backdrop of a gray sky and kind of a misty day just taking over. we are at 61. the temperatures 60. the air is almost saturated. as you see, we are at 96 percent relative humidity. winds from eased still bringing the moisture in the head it's contributing to the cloud cover and the missed and gray and worcester. 30.20 is your barometer reading. temperatures are ranked in the low side at 54 up to 64. 59 of 10, 61 on the shore. 62 in annapolis and on can
8:41 am
island. the east wind is pretty persistent. it's going to shift. the winds directions are going to shift over the next day or so. as it does, it will mama. bring now we have a stalled front torso. it's been angling back to the midwest. that's when to lift into the region. all of this disturbance is pretty much associated with that front . it's going to rise across the region. as it does, it will bring the chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow as the temperatures start to heat up. instability around the area will trigger the chance for thunderstorms. the warm, that means we are well above average. near 90 degrees for at least two days this week. with our sunset at 8:18, your next high tide at four. today, up to about 73 degrees with occasional rain and drizzle. 64 tonight. that forecast hold, true.
8:42 am
86 on tuesday, 87 on wednesday. parts of the area south of the beltway will be close to 90. 82 and 77 with the chance of thunderstorms on thursday. >> still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. it is never too late or too early to talk about online. what goes great with wine? >> we will go barefoot in the studio. barefoot wine he's here to talk about pairing. what goes with you in just a few moments. >> and it's the 15th annual bike jam going on here at patterson park. even in the rain, you can see a whole lot going on here. i love these shoes.
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>> it's 61 degrees cloudy this sunday morning. welcome to eyewitness news. to see what amnesty rain is the 15th annual bike jam. the largest cycling festival on the east coast. >> wjz is live at patterson park with sharon gibala. she's cover this for several years. i guess the main really doesn't
8:46 am
stop the fun from going on. >> they said essentially that it has to be a thunderstorm or tornado. they have already had more than 400 bikers runs for the first race. the great thing about this is essentially it is for any kind of biker. whether you are just learning, and you like to watch, or you are an expert. he's been writing for more than 20 years. good morning. >> are you doing? >> you been writing all sorts of stuff this morning. how difficult is it with the rain? >> with the rain it is a little difficult. >> okay. we will watch it. in the meantime, we are going to talk to david over here. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> you can't do the stunts with just any bike. >> he is on a special frame. it is one of our dirt time frames. he's modified it a bit to suit his
8:47 am
needs. >> how difficult is that? >> very difficult. he'll to put a lot of time and effort into it, a lot of balance. >> a lot of people say, i want to fight like that? >> especially after seeing him. everyone is pretty stoked to see him out here. >> at this festival they have -- there kissing away bike helmets for kids. then at 1:00 they are actually teaching kids the safety issues that come along with cycling. so a fantastic event. goes on till 5:00. plus to see. coming out here to patterson park. to you guys. >> safety is so important. thank you. live from patterson park in east baltimore. >> still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> barefoot line and probably. we will tell you what pairings go well ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> cheese and wine tasting seven hot. especially if you want to entertain a group of friends. >> and there's a twist on the way you can enjoy some winds. barefoot wines and bubbly here to talk about pairings and how to take it to another level. >> good morning. thank you for having me. when it comes to wine and cheese, it's one of the easiest and most celebrated pairings that you can do. it's a very easy way to entertain. >> we are going to start over here.
8:51 am
fresh, affordable, and flavorful. we look to the start with the barefoot bubbly bread the scuttle. i picked up with jack cheese. >> with pepper jack it kind of contracts with the sweetness and you've got that spicy. >> exactly. what we are looking for here is comparing or contrasting. the spicy with a sweet makes a beautiful pairing. >> next on the list? >> this is a really great note of cherry and very. it is a light and really easy red wine to drink in the summertime. it's fantastic. a lot of people are trying to avoid the heavier bodied wines, so this is a great red wine. >> i have noticed with the yellow cheese you've got the red and with white cheeses, -- do we stick to that? >> exactly.
8:52 am
what we are looking for is the yellow cheese. it's a little creamier and it pairs perfectly with the raspberry. so it's perfect. we've got one of my personal favorites. this is a crisp, light, and easy to drink wine for the summertime. the crisp really cuts the creaminess of the bree cheese. again, it's really easy to enjoy, especially summertime. sit back, relax, pop a bottle on your front porch, and you are ready to go. now we are moving on. masato is all the rage these days. i'm sure everyone is familiar with the masato trend. barefoot moscato is my personal favorite. will that here is blue cheese. basically, the blue cheeses a very -- very pungent and flavorful.
8:53 am
it's moscato is a very sweet wine. so the blue cheese pairs perfectly. the tang meanness of the cheese and the sweetness of the moscato really balance each other out. >> we talked about a new twist. that's when a lot of a lot of folks may be thrown for a loop. >> i am thrilled to introduce our barefoot refresh. this is summer read. we have four different blends. this particular wine is meant to be enjoyed on the product. i said that correctly. it's meant to be enjoyed, rocks. this is a sad truth is light effervescence, and really meant for those outdoor refreshing locations where people are trying to enjoy themselves.
8:54 am
>> i want to show you the truth is. >> look at the muscles. >> it's easy to do. >> barefoot wine and probably the number 1 brand in the united states. it is available in almost every location. the best part about it is, as we discussed, it's very affordable. you can check us out online. also, look at us on facebook and twitter. >> all this information is available at ,,,,
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>> : up to about 74 degrees. thing tomorrow but with the chance of thunderstorms, look at that lineup temperatures. 86 tuesday, 87 wednesday.
8:57 am
77 on friday. >> we've got to get back to the barbecues. >> this one is meant to be enjoyed with a barbecue, beach, pool, what have you. open a bottle and enjoy. >> and that doesn't mean on the set. >> that's our report for this sunday morning. i'm gigi barnett. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim ,,,,,,,, smoke?
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nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicorette lozenges deliver craving relief that lasts. double your chances of quitting.
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